Heartache Hurts God Do You Hear

What is anguish? It’s pain.There are two types of pain, one where you fall, cut your finger, or hit your head. This type of pain can be relieved with the help of a patch or ointments, but heart pain is not an easy task to remedy.

There is no cure for a broken heart


I would say that many of us have suffered from headaches in which we have endured pain for the children’s family, even for colleagues. This form of distress is just a small tremor of the earthquake of pain that is imposed on some people.

Let’s take the mother who outlives her child than her, what could be more distressing for the mother to be at the bedside of the child she has raised since birth just to have that child taken away.

Then we have the poor heartbroken unfortunate parents who lose all their children because the mother thinks it’s better for the children to be fatherless (in some cases this action is necessary) but for many dads who still want to be part of that. children’s lives, I ask mothers to change their minds for the sake of children.

How many times has an engine been started with a hose to the tailpipe that Dad uses as an inhaler to end it all, and in some unfortunate event has he brought the kids with him?

Distress when you have been informed that a loved one has died in battle. It is painful when it comes time to say goodbye to mom / dad, when they leave to make a new life on earth beyond heaven.

Lord, hear the prayers of the world to end these 21st century atrocities that are causing so much pain.

Tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, what the hell can you have up your sleeve to launch yourself into some poor country?

They say that God works in mysterious ways and has reasons. We understand that you may not be happy with today’s sinners, such as thieves and murderers who walk the streets, but why the hell do poor innocent people have to suffer for the actions of others? We need construction, not destruction in our lives.

There is no turning back in time as the damage has been done, many people have had their fair share of pain and suffering and it needs to be stopped. It would take a miracle to fix all this sad mess the world is in today.

You have paid attention to the blind, you have even risen from the dead and we all know that miracles are done in heaven.

So let’s ask God for another miracle for the last time and that is to turn back the hand of time.

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