Smart And Safe Travel Tips

Today’s women travel constantly and also around the world. Most are successful in juggling private and professional life. Statistics reveal that almost 50% of business travelers are women and the number continues to grow every day. Traveling on short notice means being organized and ready to go. Be smart and plan well in advance.

1. Be on the lookout for a list of babysitters who would be willing to attend, even overnight if necessary. Keep a small book handy to record things like what kids eat, their hours, important phone numbers, likes and dislikes, as well as numbers for doctors and a list of medications, including known allergies.

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2. Always have a travel bag packed and ready to go. Pack a combination of clothes to accompany you regardless of the weather to your destination. Wear dark, easy-care colors when traveling. They show no blemishes, no wrinkles and cover well.

3. Always eat light and cooked foods avoid raw salads, water and ice. It is advisable to have a snack before a flight and also try to sleep during the flight. In this way you will arrive at your destination rested. Make sure you drink plenty of bottled water while traveling.

4. Set a time to call home in time zones that work for you and your loved ones. Be sure to create memories for your family members, as well as the babysitter and others recovering while you are away. Show them that you care.

5. Put safety first, always put a “do not disturb” sign on your hotel door and if you are nervous put a chair under the door handle like in the movies. Keep your mobile on and fully charged at all times and carry protection in the form of pepper spray, an alarm or, if you are trained and authorized, a small weapon with your safety. In most cities, the police organize training courses for women to learn how to protect themselves and what to do in an emergency. Try to find time to participate in these.

6. Avoid dark alleys and deserted streets. Never talk to strangers or accept food or drink from someone you don’t know. Never leave food or drinks unattended while traveling. Always be alert.

7. Choose a hotel carefully. Choose to stay in established hotels or small inns and B & Bs where the owners are generally members of the family. Always send an email and a fax with the details of your accommodation arrangements and travel plans at home and in the office.

8. Always carry important documents, cash, traveler’s checks, and passport with you in a money belt that fits around your waist.

9. Always act with confidence and move in a group, there is always safety in numbers.

10. If you don’t feel well, go to a state hospital. Never in a private clinic.

11. Never travel with valuables such as jewelry and always carry a small flashlight and a medical kit with you.

12. For safety reasons, agree with your family to take appropriate action if you do not communicate with them as expected.

Avoid room service and eat in the hotel’s dining room. Also, never tell anyone where you are from or what your travel plans are.

Be alert and smart and you will be able to travel frequently and safely.

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